Barcelona reaches valuable victory at leg first quarterfinal round champions league , Tuesday (1/4). visit to quarters schalke, the Catalans print single goal from bojan in minute 12 so that they are superior 1-0.

" we play enough good and be a fantasy if we can come up at finals round at moscow. but, all possibility still can happen and there is no our guarantee is future aims there, " eto'o said to marca, Tuesday (1/4).

" i shall give one-third from my salary to will see ronaldinho will return and soon joint forces with team. we hope, players like deco, lionel messi and ronaldinho, all soon return so that fantasy to come up at finals can materialized, " add that cameroon origin striker.

really, barca need three important pillars so that they can find to return game best form . because, in this time the Catalans like to lose absent they were all consequence spirit.
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