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Barcelona reaches valuable victory at leg first quarterfinal round champions league , Tuesday (1/4). visit to quarters schalke, the Catalans print single goal from bojan in minute 12 so that they are superior 1-0.

" we play enough good and be a fantasy if we can come up at finals round at moscow. but, all possibility still can happen and there is no our guarantee is future aims there, " eto'o said to marca, Tuesday (1/4).

" i shall give one-third from my salary to will see ronaldinho will return and soon joint forces with team. we hope, players like deco, lionel messi and ronaldinho, all soon return so that fantasy to come up at finals can materialized, " add that cameroon origin striker.

really, barca need three important pillars so that they can find to return game best form . because, in this time the Catalans like to lose absent they were all consequence spirit.
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At least three people trampled up to kill by elephants and several persons again dispute when a drunken man tempt that animal. That incident happens in Hindu ritual at a little city at part country kerala, Indians south, Wednesday (23/4).

Female elephant runs and botch tower and place shows at one temple. That elephant makes hundreds afraid person and run. “That elephant is being provocated by a man that drunk, “policeman official word ps suresh, Thursday (24/4).

Indians television channel shows elephant picture repeatedly trample man, throw an again with the proboscis and assault several elephants other.

Some functionaries of forestry rush about to occurrence place and shoot off anaesthetic to make calm that elephant, word of Ebby Matthew, director one company owning many elephants in region, Thursday. Hundreds of capture elephant rented by organizer of festival and hypermarket in India south to draw people and oftentimes result accident. At least 49 people have defeated by elephant in India south since August 2006, elephant lover club word Kerala said.
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Bad news to all fans Casey Stoner and ducati. Yesterday the champion only can to reaches position start ninth. The time note almost 1,5 worse than Jorge Lorenzo. What’s wrong with The Champion? The weak performance Bridgestone tyre can be made reason. Motor problem even also can be made also reason.
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Simple Plan, canada origin music group now take outside the third album. Album have a title Self Title, Simple Plan this is full 11 songs. At this third album, they still to carry music current same, pop-punk, only this launch different rhythm from two previous albums.
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Extinct dream Raul Gonzales to be able to come up at Europe cup 2008. Because striker Real Madrid name there is no in list 31 players that get calling from instructor Luis Aragones. Is not explained reason certain why Raul not called. While in this time performance eks that Spain national team captain on fire.
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Jorge Lorenzo returns to make shock. After successful grab pattern at Qatar and Jerez, now Jorge Lorenzo also reaches pattern gp Portugal. He is successful register best time 1 minute 35,715 second.
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Male guerilla fighter Abu sayyaf free a Philippine china entrepreneur that hostaged during two months. Woman hostage named Maria Rosalie Lao that released Friday morning (11/4) at kaunayan village, patikul, Jolo Island.
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Liu Chao-Shiuan final get president Ma Ying-jeou offer to be prime minister taiwan. Liu Chao-Shiuan ever be university head of soochow university and national tsinghua university this announce the decision gets offer Ma Ying-jeou
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Public support towards senators Illinois Barack Obama then decrease, while support for senators Arizona john McCain increase. such national research result that done Associated Press-Ipsos newest. this research shows that Obama and McCain compete very tight, because same reaches 45% support
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Rangers according to surprise success remove club Portugal sporting Lisbon, in round quarterfinal uefa cup 2007/2008, with aggregat 2: 0, so that origin club skotlandia that meet fiorentina in round semifinal. rangers in advance act as host on 24 aprils and one week then they will visit to fiorentina stable.
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Halfback ac Milan, Clarence seedorf, very desire to fool goalkeeper juventus gianluigi Buffon. is it possible that wreaked? buffon best goalkeeper italian and world not all players print goal to the goal. i always desire to vanguish it all at once bring victory for milan say that dutch origin halfback.
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Scandal Sex party Nazi president fia, Max Mosley remain to be one of the especial conferences in circuit paddock of sakhir, Bahrain. But administrator side and racers try can may be hold back gossip, so that doesn't disturb to go on it competition.
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Speculation in around the return Marcello Lippi at chair training national team of italia continues to blow. While chance of donadoni ill defined progressively. Because he refuse extension of contract which on the market side of FIGC some month ago. Other side, after the contract of ending, donadoni informed will train Torino at next season.
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