ernesto ´che´ guevara return to argentina, tuesday (27/5). really not che actually that return to the ground birth it, but close friend revolutionary figure fidel castro this returns in the form of bronze statue.

che leave buenos aires as a young doctor in 1953 to crosses america continent and merge into cuba revolution. since then, he is ikon revolutionary policies pair at millions singlet and poster in all the world.

now, bronze statue as heavy as 3 tons and tall 4 that meters will stand at a town square in the middle of rosary city, city birth it. that statue doesn't leave individuality che, starry beret.

but before maintained at rosary, that statue be brought at road buenos aires, pass by his place university learns formerly. that procession end at obelisk, city mother simbol argentina.

finally, his place city gets medical science, be house for the young time fantasy, see him return, ¨ word eladio gonzalez, museum director ernesto che guevara that help to promoting that project.

local artist, andres zerneri use around 75.000 made key from bronze that is contributesed 14.000 member argentina during two year to build statue.

that bronze statue arrives at rosary, wednesday (28/5), several weeks approach warning 80 year birth che in 14 junes coming. che executed at bolivia in 1967 after push revolution at that country.
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Etrade financial corp say agree on the share property sale at company share broker il&fs investsmart ltd, indians, to hsbc holdings in a transact online broker axis. that sale is estimated to give result (yield) around 145 million dollar axis.

like to quoted from antara, monday (19/5), transaction size is not unfolded. but, daily the sunday times say to number around 44 percents from share companies indians.

said hsbc gather 73 share percents at il&fs investsmart in the amount 260 million dollar axis and now will do a tender for the share total remainder.

etrade say in a the statement that share sale agreement at company indians to hsbc in the amount 200 rupee per share, and transaction estimated to produce profit before tax 20 million up to 30 million dollar axis.
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performance roque santa cruz genuinely decoy. in the first appearance at premier league with club blackburn rovers, origin striker paraguay that is direct on-fire via notch 23 the goals at various competition that followed the club.

it is not strange if player that pulled of from bayern munich in summer then that be teams target elite premier league. but, aged striker 26 year uninterested because he has declared the commitment for permanent at ewood park.
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ryan giggs at the verge of new record with manchester united. come up at two matches again, winger that wales origin will break record sir bobby charlton as player with appearance at most with manchester united.

bevertheless, giggs not will have individual degree that at can. follow left-handed player with goce beautiful, above all bring thereddevils be champion before talk about that degree
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