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Ice Hotels
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Ice Hotels
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yes Aurora Ice Hotel at Chena Hot Springs Resort (sixty miles northwest of Fairbanks, Alaska) this hotels build with 14,000 tons of snow and ice. So if you want to feel the new experience sleep on the hotel, you must try this.
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Freedom of the Seas is the largest luxury cruise ship in the world, owned by Royal Caribbean.

This cruise ship weighs 160000 tonnes, it is 1112 feet long, 184 feet wide and has 15 passenger decks holding 3634 guests, double occupancy. Freedom of the Seas towers 208 feet high, approximately the same height as two of the Statue of Liberty, placed head to toe.

A brand new featureis the H2O Zone, or the "sprayground" which has colorful fiberglass sculptures shooting jets of water geysers shooting from the ground and water cannons. There is even a lazy river and waterfall inside! At night, this area, with the integration of an incredible lighting system, will be transformed into a sculpture garden. Royal Caribbean said, "there's nothing like the H2O Zone on any other cruise ship today."

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Another first feature is a dedicated sports pool located in the main pool area. One of two pools of the Freedom of the Seas is used almost exclusively for sports pool games, ranging from basketball and volleyball to synchronized swimming. At other times, he has designated lanes for lap swimming. The second pool is to relax. At night, passengers can see this area transformed into an outdoor nightclub with a large dance floor between the two pools.

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Located in the heart of this largest cruise ship, the Royal Promenade is a 445-foot-long shopping, dining and entertainment boulevard that spans the length of an entire football field. At night, the Promenade hosts street, put on by select staff, starting with a new descent in the middle of a bridge fanfare of music, lasers and lights. Customers can also take advantage of relaxed when reading 3600-volume Book Nook.

Guests can find their 15 seconds of fame at the On Air Club, Freedom of the Seas’ karaoke venue with state-of-the-art theatrical lighting, video cameras, flat screen TVs and even a "green screen" for aspiring music stars to record their own music video.

For professional entertainment, the Art Deco-style Arcadia Theatre (1,350 guests) features three shows: Marquee, a medley of performances, the musical Now You See It! magic show, and Once Upon a Time, a narrative piece combining the Brothers Grimm’s fairytales.

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Barcelona one of the legendaries cities in Spain is a right place for you to relax from your daily work. In this place you can see beautiful beach, not only one or two beach, but you can see 7 beach, yes Barcelona had 7 beaches with the largest and oldest ones are Sebastia and Barceloneta beaches.

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Performance at La Rambla Street
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La Rambla Street
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New Zealand
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If you travelling using a car, gas station is the most important place that you should visit, but do you know, sometimes we forget about the rule in the gas stations, yes DONT USE YOUR CELLPHONE ON THE GAS STATIONS, you know why you should obey the rules? i hope this ilustration can explain it to you..

So are you still dare to use your cellphone on the gas stations ? my suggestion DONT..!

ps : i found this articles from my friend blog xonket, and i just want to spread this information, thx bro/sis for remembering me about how danger is it
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For you who want to make a trip to Bali, i have some information about where is place that you should visited on Bali.

If you wanna buy some silver and gold works of jewelry, you should come to this village

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The center of wood panel carving, dancing and paintings.

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The place where you can see the original Balinese-style houses

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Peliatan is located between Ubud and Mas. Peliatan also known as the center of traditional music and dance.

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The center of Balinese painting, you also can find the Museum called "Puri Lukisan" where you can find collection of modern works of Balinese art dating from the turn of the century.

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And many more place like Kintamani, Bangli, Klungkung, Goa Gajah, Tampak Siring, Besakih, Tenganan and dont forget Kuta. Well i can`t explain all because it would be take a day to write all of them hehe, You should visit by yourself to feel the experiences.
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Last day we talk about Mallorca and Ibiza, right now i will engages you to other place, still in Spain, this place called Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria is the part of Canary Islands,Gran Canaria is located at southeast of Tenerife and west of Fuerteventura, for your information about condition in the Gran Canaria, most of tourists who came to Gran Canaria always visit the southern part of the island, its because the weather is warmer and sunny.

Gran Canaria
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In this place you can found not only one or two Natural Protected Spaces, but 32 !! for sample is Rural Park of Nublo, Doramas's Jungle, the Ravine of Azuaje, Tamadaba, Pino Santo, and many more. and for you who love to see art and entertainment, you came to the right place, because in this place you can find lot of local music, unique culture and many more.

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Playa de las Americas
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Playa Del ingles
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Palma de Mallorca was very nice, you can find the old Cathedral that build around 1306 and finished in 1587, i cant say how beautiful the place, you better to check it out by your self hehe.

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Another place that you should visit in the spain is Ibiza, this place was never sleep even in the night, you can find many club and beach bar a nice place to you to make party for the whole night, for you who visiting ibiza on june until september, you also can find an even called Ibiza party, just imagine the whole island make a party WOW ! so if you gonna visiting ibiza in that month, i suggest you to contact first to make some reservations for Ibiza Hotels, because if you don`t do it, you will never got hotel in that place, because all of the must be already full.

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Anu... mo umumin bentar lagi situs pribadi Bawor mo dipindah, kenapa dipindah ? alasannya simple pengen ganti nama yang lebih keren *hayah* heheh ngga ding, gini low, ni blog kan sekarang selain jadi blog personal dibuat bisnisan juga (tau donk yang isinya basa inggris) nah karena itu untuk memisahkan antara blog bisnis ma personal rencananya blog personalnya akan dipindah ke alamat baru yaitu BAWOR.NET heheh ya itu domain hadiah dari mas cosa (tengkyu mas) dan tadinya si rencananya mo dibikin jadi blog komunitas para blogger di banyumas (katanya mas latief anak2 blogger pada mo kumpul jadi tak usulin bikin situs komunitasnya sekalian) tapi ampe sekarang belon terealisasikan, jadi ya sementara aku pake buat blog personal dulu. Tapi ga usah kawatir kalo emang jadi, nanti tetep akan aku relain koq domainnya buat dipake untuk domain komunitas blogger.

Btw ntar buat tmen2 yang udah ngelink ke situs ini jangan diapus yak, link kalian juga bakalan tetep ada disini, cm bedanya aku buat 2 bentuk link, 1 make jasa satu lagi aku tulis manual, jadi yang ngelink`in aku make link kalian juga bakalan aku taroh di aku (kalian bisa add sendiri) dan buat tmen2 yang ngelink ke blogku dengan cara manual akan aku masukin secara manual juga.

O iya nanti tulisan2 yang bahasa indo disini juga bakalan aku pindah ke biar disini total basa inggris biar ga rancu hehehe.. ya udah segitu aja pengumumannya, nanti kalo dah pindah aku kabarin lagi yak hehehe
Posted on Tuesday, January 15, 2008 12:00 PM | [ 2 ] Comments
Dapet tugas dari Seyren, sekalian buat catatan juga si hehe..

OK here we go.. Resolusi BAWOR di Tahun 2008

[1] Kejar target pendapatan 4 digit di internet
Alhamdullilah pendapatan sekarang si dah lumayan, tapi yang namanya manusia, ga pernah cukup dengan apa yang didapet, hehehe seorang Bawor juga manusia, jadi wajar lah, tapi tetep yang dah didapet sekarang patut buat disukurin.

[2] Punya laptop
Ni cita2 dah ada dari sejak jaman rikiplik, pernah si mo dibeliin, tapi ga jadi gara2 satu dan laen hal, nah sekarang mo coba beli make duit hasil keringat sendiri (tsahh gaya loe..)

[3] Punya kerjaan yang layak
Pengennya si wirausaha, abis dah cape diperintah ma orang mulu, dan kalo bisa lagi si kerjanya sambil onlen (kaya om cosa yang pendapatannya dah 4 digit hehe)

[4] Pinter PHP SQL ma LINUX
Masi bego masalah beginian, mo berguru ga tau kesapa, ujung2nya ke paman google juga, tapi gpp deh biarpun cuman oneway tutorial (iye kaga bisa tanya jawab) yang penting gratis hehe.

[5] Bisa Bantu Biaya Kuliah Ade
Itung2 bantu ortu lah, yah moga2 aja bisa hehe namanya juga usaha

[6] Punya Banyak Teman Di Internet
Cari musuh mah gampang tapi cari tmen itu yang susah, apalagi di internet yang ga bisa ketemuan langsung.

[7] Nikah?!
Ntar dulu deh, cari pacar aja dulu yang baek :P

[8] Faseh Bahasa Inggris PLUS Bahasa Arab
Yang satu buat bekal di era globalisasi ini, yang satu buat bekal di era SELANJUTNYA hehe

[9] Membuat Dunia Menjadi Tempat Yang Nyaman ... Lagi
Yang terakhir rada nyontek dari orang lain (ngelirik ke orang yang kerasa dicontekin) ya toh tujuannya baik, membuat dunia jadi lebih baek hihi

Udah ah, kalo ditanya resolusi mah 1 hari 1 malem bisa ga selese, cukup yang penting2 aja biar bisa jadi renungan, dan nanti 1 tahun kedepan kita koreksi mana yang dah dicapai `n mana yang belum..

doh mo ngeTag, bingung ngeTag sapa, yah yang kerasa tmen aja deh aku tag smua hehe..
@seyren : hutang lunas yak hehehe..
Posted on Monday, January 14, 2008 7:34 AM | [ 2 ] Comments
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Semalem (eh subuh ding..) abis nongkrong di warnet, iseng2 mampir ke pedagang burjo (yah biarpun namanya burjo yang laris indomie gorengnya) mesen indomie goreng 2 biji tambah telor 1 biji plus aer putih 1 gelas porsi gede (maruknya kliatan deh). Baru aja duduk si abang dah bilang, "Dibungkus aja mas?" Yah kali tu warung dah mo tutup yak berhubung dah subuh, tapi gwa cuek aja sambil ngomong, "Makan sini aja bang, dah klaperan" Ya udah si abang akhirnya ngalah, dibikinin deh tu pesenan.

Dalam waktu dan tempo yang sesingkat2nya tu orderan akhirnya kelar juga, pas lagi enak2 makan, tiba2 dateng orang masuk ke warung itu sambil beli rokok, tadinya minta 1/2 bungkus, pas lagi diambilin ma si abang, eh tu anak ngomong, "Bang bayarnya besok yak" Set dah !! enak bgt tu orang, dateng tak dijemput, pulang tak diantar, ngutang tak dibayar !! dasar ! akhirnya si abang ngurungin niatnya ngasih 1/2 bungkus sambil ngeles katanya dah tinggal dikit rokoknya, tu orang tetep aja ngotot, dah 2 biji ga papa deh, ya udah deh akhirnya doi balik dengan 2 rokok gratisan (gwa sumpahin ga jadi daging tu rokok diperut tu orang !)

Abis tu orang pergi si abang cerita katanya kejadian kek gitu dah sering dialaminnya, dan dia ga bisa berbuat apa2, soalnya tu orang anak daerah situ juga (walopun katanya bukan RT situ), katanya malah ada yang lebih parah, mereka dateng pura2 pesen mie 3 mangkok, pake telor, pas dah abis bukannya bayar malah ngeloyor pergi tanpa acara permisi pula (yaiks..!)

Yah kalo dipikir2 kasian juga si abang, tapi apa boleh buat, dia tu perantauan disini, jadi mo ngelawan orang pribuminya situ juga percuma, mana ada kekuatan dianya, paling yang dilakuin cuman ngelus dada sambil istighfar, trus gmn dengan gwa, gwa disitu, koq ngga ngebelain si abang? yaelah bukannya ga berani, kalopun mo pake kekerasan gwa yakin 100% gwa masi bisa ngalahin tu orang (halah belagu ! xixixi) cuman dilihat donk buntutnya ntar, yang susah pasti si abangnya juga, anak2 kek gitu kalo kalah pasti bilang ke kroni2nya minta bantuan, sedangkan gwa dah ga disitu lagi, nah si abang lah yang bakal jadi korban ntar2nya, jadi mending gwa diem aja deh, sambil ngehibur tu abang.

Pelajaran ni buat orang2 setempat yang daerahnya masi banyak didapati orang2 perantau, jangan lah dilakukan hal2 yang macem itu, kasian mereka, rejeki pedagang indomie di kedai kecil ukuran 2x2meter berapa ribu si sehari? jadi biarin deh mereka cari rejeki toh yang untung kalian2 juga kan, kalo malem2 kelaperan masih ada orang yang mau buatin makanan buat loe (yah biarpun akhirnya mesti bayar juga hihihi).

nb: doh mampos deh gwa niatnya mo nulis PR dari Calon Pelukis (yang maunya dipanggil tukang gambar aja), malah catetannya ga dibawa, ini ni gara2 keburu2 dateng kewarnet, abis gmn donk, dirumah dinasehatin suruh buruan cari kerja molo (gini ni nasib FRESH GRADUATE yang masih nganggur, ada yang mo nawarin kerja *halah* hehe)
Posted on Wednesday, January 9, 2008 6:27 PM | [ 0 ] Comments
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