What is dementia ? If you don't know about it or you understanding dementia, you can get this information more and more only at dementiaguide.com. You will not experience difficulty at the first time will visit site whom they have, because their site very simple. With easy site is accessinged, of course this doesn't throw away to useless time whom you have. At dementiaguide.com you can get information about dementia symptoms or dementia treatment.

If you have any question, please contact them by mail, sent to :
DementiaGuide Inc.
1721 Lower Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3J 1S5

or by mail, sent to info@dementiaguide.com

You can also call them by phone, this is they phone number :
1-800-748-4171 (Toll Free in North America)

With dementiaguide.com get the answer from your question about dementia, because dementiaguide.com have purpose “Helping people affected by dementia”
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